Sunday, 14 October 2012

Homeless mouse - will work for cheese!

Homeless Down & Out Little Felted Mouse Without A House Will Work For Cheese! If you would like to give him a home, go to Mrs Plop's Shoppe on Etsy

There's nothing as sad as a mouse without a house, but this poor little mouse is unemployed too :( As his sign says, he will work for cheese!

He's a very hard worker, and he has fantastic people skills. He just needs a break, so he can get back on his feet again. Everyone deserves a break and no one likes to see a mouse homeless!

This little felted mouse is 3 & 1/2 inches tall. He is made from grey Shetland wool. His scarf is green and blue wool.  His nose is pink alpaca wool, and his eyes are black glass beads.

If you think you would like to give a home to a down and out little mouse but maybe you have questions, please message Mrs Plop, she knows this little mouse well, and will be able to tell you anything else you need to know about him :)

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