Sunday, 18 November 2012

Felted Handmade OOAK Baby Piglet Angel Praying Piglet With Wings

I've been working on making a felted piglet angel, and 'she' is finally finished. I say 'she' because at some point, it would either have to be a he or a she, and this one is definitely a she. I don't know why! She just is. This one took a loooong time to make.

I also decided that she is an orphan baby piglet angel, praying for a new family. Hmmm, first there was homeless mouse, then baby penguin waiting for his parents to return from a fishing trip and now piglet angel who is an orphan. I think I see a theme developing :D

I am definitely improving, I didn't stab myself at all with the felting needle while making the piglet...Not having gouged your hands to bits during felting is a definite bonus ;) I did get a touch of RSI though, and that's a new one. So if you're felting for long periods of time, don't be a plonker like me. Moving positions is useful I've just found out :D What else have I learnt? Oh yes, try to speak to your husband/wife/partner at least a couple of times a day, or at least appear to be listening, or just say anything random, to avoid divorce. That's it I think. So here's the final piglet, and I'm pleased with how she turned out :)

She is for sale, but I may actually cry when someone buys her. (I'm kidding! I won't really. Well, not much anyway) Here's her listing in my Etsy shop: Felted Baby Piglet Angel by Mrs Plop's Shoppe

I do hope you're not going to be ages taking this photo lady, it's bloomin freezing out here!

I'm sure I can smell dog poop out here!

how many more photos do you actually need? Pigs are very intelligent and get bored easily you know.


I know, I'll pray that you quit with the photos!

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