Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Custom Order Needle Felted Budgerigar Bird

Latest order finished yesterday :) I was asked to make a needle felted budgie for a lady in the US. He is the first budgie I've made, and the second bird I've made, the other one being a penguin. I'm happy with the way he turned out.....

His legs and claws were tricky to do, and kind of had me thinking so hard at one point that my brain just sort of shut down temporarily, as it does when I think too hard lol! :D I tried pipe cleaners at first, and quickly realised that was a no go, it just looked all wrong. But thankfully wire did the trick, lots of bending & twisting of wire, and covering with flesh coloured wool sorted it out.....Tada! El budgio :)

If you would like a custom order of any type of needle felted animal, please see my little Shoppe on Etsy here:  Mrs Plop's Shoppe


  1. The budgie is a beautie! Your needle felting is fantastic.

  2. Thank you! That means a lot to me, as you are such a fabulous artist! :)