Friday, 23 May 2014

Sleeping mouse in a vintage sugar bowl

I found this sugar bowl in a vintage shop and thought it definitely needed a mouse to sleep in it. So I made one :)


  1. You've done it again - you've created something that makes me smile. The mouse is terrific and the setting of the cup and saucer doubles the effect.

  2. So sweet. I pinned him on pinterest and I noticed that other people have too!

  3. Thank you! :) X You always leave such lovely comments for my work, and thank you for pinning to your pinterest too xx

  4. This is so pretty and dreamy, can I ask what type of wool you use then, I just read that about the other wool and will try to get something kind, I am from the uk too so the links are great but not sure what I would get just to begin with, hugs Pops x

    1. Hello Pops!
      Thanks so much for your very sweet comment :)
      It's Alpaca wool, which I'd better mention most needle felters don't like to use as it's a bit harder to felt with but I really like the results. But if you're looking for an easier good wool to begin with, most of the wool types on the links will be fine, but you could try this one and then experiment with others until you find one you like the best xxx