Friday, 11 July 2014

Needle Felted Baby Lop Eared Bunny in a Pink Blanket

My latest needle felted animal. I hope you like him :)
He is also listed in my Etsy Shop Here: Needle Felted Baby Lop Eared Bunny in a Blanket by Mrs Plop's Shoppe


  1. Beautiful! What if you made them with blue and lemon blankets too because they'd make lovely baby presents for christenings etc.

    Please do post the rat with apples and this bunny in a blanket on the forum - the members would love to see them.

    1. That's a lovely idea. But the only problem is, they're not suitable for babies. I guess people could just keep them until their babies are much much older and then give them the bunny. Haha! x
      And I'll be along to the fabulous felt and fibre studio forum today. Oh look here's a link ;) Thank you for the invitation :) x