Saturday, 16 August 2014

Needle Felted Dumbo Rat Custom Order "You're the rat's whiskers"

I had a message from a lady asking for a custom order needle felted 'Dumbo Rat'
I'd never even heard of one before. But they're cute little critters, and I really enjoyed making this order.  The outer fur is my usual favourite - Alpaca fibre. I blended a brown and black to make a darker brown, as I just didn't have a dark enough brown. All worked out though, and I'm happy with the result. Not as happy as Fred though, who was very intrigued! :D

The whiskers are horse hair that were very kindly sent to me by a follower of my facebook page, from a gorgeous horse called Toby. Thank you Lisa & Toby!

Fred seems to think Dumbo Rat looks like dinner!   


  1. The rat is wonderful (as is the clever sign) and I think the photo of Fred with rat is cute!

    1. Thank you Lyn :) Fred's a good boy and he knows these aren't toys, and he leaves them alone usually, but he liked having the invitation to come and see rat for a photo :) x