Sunday, 23 June 2013

Crafting For A Cause - Crafters/Artists! The UK's Pound Dogs Need You!

This week things are starting to come together. In some ways, maybe a bit too many things. It's all good, but I'm juggling so many projects, that trying to divide my time between them without compromising on any of them, isn't an easy task.

As well as being Mrs Plop and needle felting, I'm in the process of launching a charity album for pound dogs on death row in UK pounds. This came about because I ran a dog rescue up until quite recently and I'm also a musician/songwriter/general pain in the backside as musicians often are ;) Yes I know that's a generalisation, but it's kinda true in a lot of cases. (My parents are musicians, my husband is one, my brother in law is one, my cousin, another cousin, and so on etc etc. So that's how I know ;) )

Anyway, I'm waffling again. Get to the point! Ok! Quick history: Me and 'him indoors' (my lovely husband) wrote a song together some years ago, and it became the charity single for death row dogs. (quick stats: one dog is un-necessarily destroyed every hour in a UK pound, due to lack of space - pounds are just overflowing with unwanted dogs :( ) Funds were raised via downloads of the song. We had an alternating list of rescues on our beneficiaries list, and we raised over 3,000! Then all these musicians from my husband's songwriter forum heard about it and were so touched by it they each wrote a song for the dogs to add to our original song. Tada! The charity album for death row dogs.

Except we're not quite there yet. Thankfully him indoors is a website designer, and bless his heart, he's working madly on the album website, trying to fit it around his paid work. I'm also working madly on the content side and with any luck we'll have it finished this week.

I decided to donate 30% of any sales from My shop, Mrs Plop's Shoppe to add to whatever funds come in via album downloads. I would love to donate all of the money from sales of my felted animals, but if I did that, our own dogs would go hungry! 

The album website is here: You Could Save Me - The Charity Album For Death Row Dogs 
Please check it when you can, as it will soon be live. Your support would be greatly appreciated! 

If there are any crafters/artists out there who would like to donate a percentage of a sale or sales to the cause, I would love to hear from you! We will be having a 'Marketplace' on the site for handmade items with a link to where folks can buy your item, so as well as helping the dogs, you can be sure your work will be seen by a wide audience. 

Just email me, Catherine, at

Thank you :) xx


  1. What a great idea! I look forward to hearing more about the album. Give your dogalogs a cuddle from me xx

  2. Thanks Micheala. I will do :) xx