Saturday, 15 June 2013

Website driving you nuts? Ask my other half to make you one. He's fab!

A pic of Anthony

Today I will be pimping my husband. Not literally! Obviously. LOL! But, if you want a genuinely brilliant website, he's your man. Well, actually he's my man, but you know what I mean

He's freelance, so he's not all corporate nonsense and he really DOES care about his clients. He won't do it for free (ooh err mrs! Well, he will for me, otherwise he gets a slap) but he is very reasonable, and everyone NEEDS a good website. It's more than worth investing in a website made by someone in the know. One that is user-friendly, clean and professional, knows how to get the most traffic from the right content, and is SEO optimised (a site that google LOVES, and that's about as technical as it gets from me!) Nobody wants a site that looks shoddy, takes centuries to load and is impossible to use. Free sites may cost nothing, but they are horrible. There is no other word for them.

I'm always astounded at what he does and how he does it. It's literally another language to me!

His client list is impressive, but he doesn't charge the earth. He just charges the right amount for quality, and doesn't get all hung up about negotiating. And, he's extremely kind, which always helps immensely! I must have done something right to be married to a man like him!

Here's a testimonial from one of his clients: Lucinda McAlpine - Horse Guru & Dressage Guru. It sums up what's brilliant about him indoors :

"Anthony came highly recommended and he did not disappoint. He took the time to find out what my business was all about,and translated it into a website that has turned visitors into customers. His aftercare service is second to none and is always happy to answer questions no matter how simple! His integrity shines through and he is a pleasure to deal with. - Lucinda McAlpine"

Anthony is also happy to help you with technical issues and glitches with your existing site (if you have one) or with computer issues, he's also a computer tech - whatever is making you tear your hair out, he can fix.

TO CONTACT: His name is Anthony Lane (you can call him Mr Plop if you like, but I'm not sure he'd like it lol!!) and you can contact him via EMAIL to:

Here is an example of a website Anthony created for Estervan Interior Design:

Estervan Interior Design
Branch of Design

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