Tuesday, 23 September 2014

A Puppy For All Seasons #2 Winter - Golden Retriever Puppy

This is the second puppy in my 'A Puppy For All Seasons' series.
#2 Winter - Needle felted Golden Retriever puppy.

The puppy in the photos has been donated to the Irish Retriever Rescue to raise funds for their dogs in need. Please check out their website and support this fantastic rescue wherever you can.  They are always in need of donations and volunteers, and of course forever homes for the beautiful dogs they rescue. You can also find them on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/IrishRetrieverRescue

If you would like to order a needle felted golden retriever pup for yourself, you can see his listing here in my Etsy shop: Needle Felted Golden Retriever Puppy by Mrs Plop's Shoppe

He won't look exactly the same as the puppy in these photos, because he is handmade, but the differences will only be subtle.

Unusually for me, I used a wire armature for this puppy. I find using armatures a bit annoying, and you have to be very careful you don't break your needle when you're in the beginning stages of felting, but sometimes it's better if you use an armarture as in this case, because it makes the whole piece more stronger and more solid.

The wool is ethically produced, from the fantastic Newmoor Barn Ethical Fibre Company. I used their Dorset Down wool in 'Cappucino' which you can see here on their website: Dorset Down Carded Wool Fibre and for the top coat, I used their Alpaca fibre in the same Cappucino colour. Link here: Alpaca Carded Wool Fibre
I really can't recommend Newmoor Barn highly enough! Not only does their wool come from happy, well cared for sheep and Alpacas, it also felts wonderfully, and it even smells amazing too! I don't know what they wash it with, but my whole workspace smells of this lovely, clean, washed wool smell.


  1. I'm sure he'll raise a good amount of funds - he's adorable! You've captured 'that look' on his face perfectly.

    1. Thank you :) He's been bid up quite a lot already it's going really well :)