Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Needle Felted Oliver The Orphan Otter OOAK Handmade

Meet Oliver. He is a needle felted orphan otter. Poor Oliver! All he has in the whole world is his special rock :(

He needs lots and lots of love and cuddles. Orphans seem to be a bit of a theme for me....!  But I need to try and balance it with some happier felted animals, poor Mr Plop nearly cried when he first saw Oliver! lol!

Oliver the otter's listing is here in my Etsy shop: Oliver The Orphan Otter by Mrs Plop's Shoppe
He's one of my more expensive felted animals because of the time it took to make him.

Love Mrs Plop xx


  1. I'm with Mr Plop on this one - please pass me the tissue box!

    How did you get such a look on his face? He's wonderful and I think he'll be happy as soon as someone adopts him from your etsy shop.

    1. Awwww *passes tissue box*
      I spent a long time getting the eyes and the eye lids right, to get the right amount of white of the eye showing and a certain amount of the eye lids covering the top of the eyes. It was tricky, but I got there in the end! Thank you, I'm very pleased you like him, but don't cry! :( x