Sunday, 28 December 2014

Finally! An actual website!

The Mouselings are celebrating here at Mouselings HQ, because we finally have a real website, and it's now live online!

Here 'tis:

The only thing we haven't quite worked out is the Woo Commerce bit. The Mouselings have been jumping up and down with frustration trying to get it to do what they want it to do, but so far, computer says no :D we'll get there in the end though!

So for now, the 'shop' linky bit goes to my Etsy shop until we've figured it all out and the Mouselings have stopped giggling at the name 'Woo' commerce. For some reason, they think it's hysterically funny, and then they can't work because they're giggling too much.

We hope you all had a wonderfully ploppy christmas!


and the Mouselings xxx