Thursday, 22 January 2015

Mrs Plop's Needle Felting Kit - Make your own 'Maisie' Mouse

Suitable for beginnners to needle felting.

Available to buy in my Etsy shop here: Maisie Mouse Needle Felting Kit By Mrs Plop's Shoppe

Make a needle felted mouse with Mrs Plop's needle felting 'Maisie' Mouse kit.
Maisie is a little mouse who lives at Mouselings HQ here at Mrs Plop's Shoppe. She loves to give flowers, and is holding a little posy of pink flowers.

Suitable for beginners. Many people who purchased my mouse needle felting kits had no previous experience, and reported back to me that they found it easy.

Tutorial support by myself is also included in this kit.

This kit provides (almost) everything you need to make a needle felted mouse. The only thing that isn't included is a felting pad, so you will need to get yourself a felting pad before you begin.

The kit contains

Step by step full colour instructions

White core wool
Champagne outer fur wool
Pink wool for limbs, hands and feet.
(The wool contained in the kit is high quality, British ethically produced wool. It is the wool that Mrs Plop herself uses)

Two felting needles - One straight and one spiral.

Cotton thread in pink and black, plus a sewing needle.

Posy of pink paper flowers.

Also included when you buy this needle felting kit - One month of free needle felting support, (but no more than 8 emails in total. Mrs Plop is over 200 years old, and when she's not felting, she does need her sleep ;0) ) in which you can contact Mrs Plop personally via email with any questions you may have about the kit, or your needle felting progress in general. The month's support begins from the date that your kit arrives, so you need to let me know when you have received it. Further details of the support service will be sent to you when you've made your purchase.

Please take great care with the needles in this kit as they are very sharp!

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Madame Butterfly, Chief Mender of Butterfly Wings

The mice at Mrs Plop's Mouselings HQ have been waiting in excited anticipation for the arrival of Madame Butterfly. She is a white needle felted rat, and she works at Mrs Plop's Butterfly Hospital as Chief Wing Mender.

She arrived - as always - surrounded by a cloud of butterflies, and they are now filling the house with their soft fluttering noises, and dashes of bright colour.

Madame Butterfly is adored by butterflies all over the world and never a day goes by when she is not covered in them :)

Love Mrs Plop X