Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Huckleberry The Little Shy Mouse

Huckleberry the little mouse is so shy, he tries to hide his little face whenever he sees anyone. He wants to make friends, but he is so shy, he lives behind the watering can that is home to the Hydrangea flowers. We are doing our best to coax him out to join the rest of us, and to reassure him, and he is beginning to come out of his hiding place a bit more, but these things take time.

If you would like a little Huckleberry Mouse, you can find him here in my Etsy shop, made to order.
Huckleberry the little shy mouse by Mrs Plop's Shoppe


  1. Oh my goodness. How precious. You do amazing felting. I could just sit and cuddle Huckleberry,

  2. Huckleberry is so sweet! And I love his colouring. I also noticed the budgie in the sidebar - how did I miss that one? I had budgies when I was little and I think you've captured the spirit wonderfully. (Both pinned.)