Sunday, 31 May 2015

Needle Felted Tiny Little Summer Sunflower Hamster

I wanted to offer something in my Etsy shop that is a little less costly. As you no doubt already know, needle felting is a very time consuming art, and although my prices are in line with some other needle felters, it's nice to have something in my shop that costs a bit less but that doesn't compromise on quality. So, I made this teeny tiny little hamster.

I usually use a core wool for my felted animals, and then I felt in an outer 'fur' wool. But for this hamster, I didn't use core wool. Also, he doesn't have feet (hands and feet are one of the most time consuming parts for me. Some people use polymer clay feet or cut out hands and feet from a piece of ready made felt. I prefer the hands and feet to be needle felted)  It doesn't make too much difference though, as he is still able to stand, and it means I was able to list him at a lower price. It was obviously still time consuming, but I did manage to cut back on the time it took to make him.

He is available to buy here in my Etsy shop: Needle Felted Tiny Little Summer Sunflower Hamster by Mrs Plop's Shoppe


  1. Although you've cut down on time costs, you've still made a really cute hamster. I think it's a good idea to offer a variety of prices in your shop - I hope other people think so too!
    His expression is perfect and having him holding the flower is the clincher.

    1. Thank you Lyn and Annie :)
      He sold about an hour after I listed him and he's now on his way to his new home, which is great so I've re-listed him as made to order now. I'm going to make some other items with lower prices too.